Trisha and Homer, Cherrie Yu, 2018, single-channel video, 8:31 minutes.  Made with help from Katie Wood, Sungjae Lee, 
Aram Atamian, and Homero Muñoz.

Trisha and Homer is a three-part film consisting of found footage, performance for the camera, and documentary. In the 
film, the American dancer Trisha Brown’s 1986 performance Accumulation with Talking Plus Watermotor is followed by 
Homero Muñoz, a maintenance worker at work at Michigan Plaza in Chicago. Both performances were learned and re-
-enacted by the artist. In the third section of the film, Homero and the artist had a conversation about work, dance and 

Trisha and Homer, 2018, performance with film screening, 23 minutes, New Blood Festival, Links Hall, Chicago, IL. 
Performers are Cherrie Yu, Sahand Afshar, Amanda Maraist.

In fall 2018 I further developed the film into a three-part performance consisting of a film screening, a lecture, and a trio
dance. The trio is developed in collaboration with Sahand Afshar, who stands in for Homero Muñoz, and Lydia Feuerhelm,
who stands in for Trisha Brown.